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SunXtender Solar Battery Technical Information

Sun Xtender® Technical Information

Sun Xtender® batteries are engineered specifically for renewable energy and solar applications whereas many deep cycle AGM batteries are engineered once and applied to multiple applications. Sun Xtender® batteries are hand built in the U.S.A. with higher density plate technology that provides superior reliability and power in renewable energy's deep cycle environments. Although Sun Xtender® batteries are engineered to perform under the conditions dictated by solar and renewable energy applications each battery is built to the same quality aircraft standards as the renowned Concorde Aircraft battery line under ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100 (Aerospace) Quality Management System.

Sun Xtender® has developed numerous battery sizing options to aid in building the best reserve energy capacity for your energy needs. Battery sizing is one of the more difficult aspects of building a renewable energy system. A bank can consist of numerous small batteries which results in the same capacity as only a few large batteries. The variety of arrangements depends on the application and location; a battery bank comprised of multiple small batteries may be more practical in remote locations where access with very heavy batteries is unrealistic. For tips on selecting the best battery arrangement for your renewable energy requirements and assistance in calculating your load requirements visit our Battery Sizing page. Here you will find a calculator where you can input your usage to determine the Sun Xtender® battery arrangements to best fit your needs.

Sun Xtender® batteries are fully contained, maintenance free, lead acid batteries and therefore are hazmat exempt and can be shipped worldwide with any carrier. This maintenance free design is beneficial in the field where watering, spillage, and acid spray are not necessary considerations and when purchasing your batteries because you will not be required to pay hazardous materials fees. This maintenance free non-spillable nature also allows for installation in a variety of configurations that would be dangerous with your typical flooded batteries.

Once you have determined the number of batteries you will require to effectively store enough power to supply the energy load it is time to configure your battery bank. Visit Battery Banks & Installation for tips and instruction on how to safely configure Sun Xtender® solar batteries.
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