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SunXtender Solar Battery Applications

Smart Grid Energy Systems

Modernizing the grid to meet peak demands is a major priority for utilities, villages and municipalities. Lead acid batteries are the lowest cost option to store power during times of low demand and release it during peak demand hours.

Batteries help meet energy requirements during high demand events, minimizing the need to add capacity at traditional power plants. Sun Xtender® AGM batteries are produced with massive over the partition intercell connectors providing a robust, leak proof connection with low voltage loss making Sun Xtender® ideal for smart grid applications. In addition, Sun Xtender's® positive grids are thicker than the competition's and are made from a proprietary pure lead-tin-calcium alloy with special grain refiners. These features improve corrosion resistance of the grid and give the battery excellent cycling capability and float life.

Smart grid applications must be low maintenance to maximize value for the operator. All Sun Xtender® AGM batteries are sealed and maintenance free which means no spilling or acid spray, no watering or electrolyte checks, and the option to operate upright, on the side or on the end. Sun Xtender® batteries are housed in shockproof, high impact reinforced cases that restrain from bulging. Sun Xtender's® battery terminals and terminal hardware are constructed with copper alloy, corrosion free materials for low impedance connections and maximum conductivity.

A wide variety of sizes and capacities in 2 Volt, 6 Volt and 12 Volt configurations are available, including many configurations and layouts which are exclusive to Sun Xtender®. For more information please refer to the battery specifications page.
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