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Solar Powered 2 Way Radio Repeaters & Sun Xtender
Renewable Energy Storage Batteries

Manufactured by Concorde Battery Corporation

Solar powered off grid remote two way radio repeaters have been in use since 1973. They have proven a very reliable, cost effective communications solution for police, fire, ambulance, forest & land management, trucking companies and taxis. The location of these repeater sites are frequently in remote, difficult to access locations such as mountain tops. In some cases it requires a helicopter to get to the site.

The old flooded lead acid batteries were difficult to transport and required frequent maintenance. With the release of reliable Sun Xtender solar batteries, which are sealed with no maintenance, flooded lead acid battery technology problems became a thing of the past.

Sun Xtender Renewable Energy battery systems, in conjunction with solar energy, has made these systems a superior power source for safety and commercial communications.

More Uses and Applications for Sun Xtender Batteries as a Renewable Energy Source

Sun Xtender Batteries for
    Solar Powered 2 Way Radio Repeaters

solar battery
solar battery
solar battery
solar battery
solar battery
solar battery

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