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Sun Xtender Battery Application Guide

Back up solar battery storage for Solar/PV Power, Wind & Hydro Power can be harnessed with Sun Xtender® battery banks. Featuring a robust builds and deep cycle capabilities Sun Xtender® Batteries are sealed and maintenance free – never add water or electrolyte. They are built for safety and reliable service. Sun Xtender® solar batteries are also fully recyclable.

To calculate the solar battery storage required, please access the Sun Xtender® Battery Sizing Tips worksheet:

There are batteries perhaps too heavy or too bulky for your site. By connecting smaller batteries in Series or Parallel the same power requirements are met with no loss of impedance.

Paralleling batteries is a configuration of smaller batteries wired together. Battery terminals of like polarity are wired together; all positive terminals are wired together and all negative terminals are wired together, and the last battery is wired to common buss bars.

Paralleling configurations provide higher capacity while voltage remains the same.

Series connection is a configuration of smaller batteries wired together by connecting the positive terminal to the next battery’s negative terminal. Concorde suggests beginning the connection with the first positive terminal of the series. At the beginning of this series of batteries, connect the positive terminal to the common buss bar positive and the last battery’s negative terminal to the negative buss bar or ground.

Series configuration provides higher voltage while capacity stays the same.

Area Lighting: Street, Parking Lot, Transit Shelter Solar Security Lighting

Solar powered battery systems lighting is cost effective and efficient. Ensures traffic control & personal safety.

Arrow & Message Boards for Highway Traffic Control Employing Solar Modules

Solar powered battery systems arrow message boards are portable and provide crucial road information.

Cathodic Protection Systems

Prevent corrosion with a solar electric battery system wired with Sun Xtender Series solar batteries.

Grid Tied Solar Homes

Clean, quiet, battery backup solar electric systems with the potential to reduce your utility bill.

Off Grid Homes

An off grid home generates all of its needed energy, on site, from solar sources with Sun Xtender Battery banks for electrical storage.

Solar Powered 2 Way Radio Repeaters

Safety communications & wireless technology is dependent on solar powered battery system communication applications.

SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition solar powered battery systems monitor the transportation of liquids and gasses through remote and wilderness areas.

Marine & Aviation Aids to Navigation (ATN)

Constant current sources via solar & Sun Xtender battery back up power for marine & aeronautical aids to navigation (ATN) including ship running lights, buoys, airstrip runway lighting.

Medical Refrigeration, Hospital Clinics

Solar powered refrigerators for vaccine storage depend on reliable Sun Xtender battery backup.

Microwave & Earth Satellite Communications Stations

Receiving stations depend on solar battery power for information collection from the sky and the ground.

Telemetry RTU Monitoring

Remote Telemetry Units are used to collect environmental data. By way of utilizing solar battery systems at remote locations the data collection process is faster and more cost effective.

Safety Warning Signals

Solar battery systems power traffic warning signals as easily and effective as electric signals at a far reduced cost.

Runway & Taxiway Lighting

Aviators, air & ground operations depend on self powered solar battery systems for LED and other light sources on runways, taxiways, and overhead.

Initial charge or recharge: 2.37 to 2.4 volts per cell at 25° C (77° F). Float charge: 2.20 to 2.23 volts per cell at 25° C (77°). Conditioning charge: 2.58 volts per cell at 25° C (77° F) not to exceed 8 hours. Temperature compensation = ±4.00 mV. per cell per degree C [Reference to 25° C (77° F)]. This is for battery temperature (not ambient temperature) and is useful for battery temperatures from 0° C (32° F) to 40° C (104° F). Refer to Technical Manual for temperatures that exceed this range.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

The data/information contained in the Sun Xtender official website has been reviewed and approved for general release on the basis that these documents contain no export-controlled information.
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